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it’s a beautiful morning


It’s a beautiful morning:

1. Almond butter in Eva’s hair. She ate the pancake that Asher would not. Clean hair.


2. Keys disappeared fulfilling the law that if the humans are late, keys must hide (in plain sight).


3. Everyone fed and dressed, brush powder off E’s car seat. Notice make up trail to front door….A apparently discovered make up drawer while I extracted funk from E’s head.


4. E secured in car seat. Diaper bags secured.

Notice dime size spider crawling on the wall (looked like it had crawled out of the carrier, squelch thoughts that she would have died if it bit her).

Kill spider.


5. Stuff in car. Hear sloshing and pressure escaping whatever contained the sloshing.


6. Put A in his seat. Notice orange splatters on his nice polo. He learned that sugar and heat creates fermentation and pressure which will spew that 2 day old mango protein smoothie all over said nice polo.


Chalked it up as a science/life lesson as I buckle his seat and drive to church.


I smiled BIG because my kids rock as they display the truth that life is a beautiful mess.